08 February 2023

SUM 41 + ZEBRAHEAD – AFAS Live, Amsterdam (concert review)

January 22, 2020 | AFAS Live, Amsterdam – Believe it or not, but it’s already 19 years ago that the Canadian punkband Sum 41 released their debut album ‘All Killer No Filler’. The album was very successful and contained the hitsongs ‘Fat Lip’ and ‘In Too Deep. In 2019 they released their seventh and latest album called ‘Order In Decline’, which was written by vocalist and founder of the band Deryck Whibley in three weeks time. Sum 41 is supported on their European tour by the Californian punkrock band Zebrahead.

What you expect is what you get. And that’s a positive thing, because Sum 41 is killing this evening with their high quality sound and high energy performance. The crowd with mainly young fans is going wild, especially when the canons with confetti explode.

The band is taking the audience back to the old days with a great mix of old and older songs. Actually the band played songs from all their albums, including six tracks of their latest album.

Setlist Sum 41 – AFAS Live, Amsterdam
Turning Away
The Hell Song
The Bitter End
Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
We’re All to Blame
Out for Blood
The New Sensation
Walking Disaster
With Me
No Reason
Fake My Own Death
A Death in the Family
Screaming Bloody Murder
Underclass Hero
The People Vs…
Makes No Difference
Fat Lip
Still Waiting

We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
In Too Deep
Never There