October 1, 2023


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PRO-PAIN – Iduna, Drachten (concert review)

December 10, 2019 | Iduna, Drachten – The American hardcore/metal band Pro-Pain is on the road since 1991 and already released 15 studio albums. Founder, vocalist and bassist Gary Meskil is still going strong with his band and touring around the globe. Tonight they strike down in Iduna, Drachten together with Vexation and Darkrise.

With approximately 300 people inside and a capacity of 650, the venue is downsized with curtains. The result is a cozy venue which is perfect to enjoy Pro-Pain. At 9:30 Gary & co enter the stage and kicks of with the song “Stand Tall”. The audience is starting a moshpit and are pleased to see the band perform.

The sound is great tonight. Straight in your face and groovy like hell. In combination with the venue and the audience, this band is kicking ass. The setlist is a decent mix of old and new songs. From “Fuck It” to “Johnny Black” and from “Make War Not Love” tot “The Beast is Back”. A night to remember and I’m again amazed why this band is still so small after 28 years. If they would, the could be much bigger and play at much larger venues. But I rest my case if they keep performing like they did tonight.