Stonehenge Festival 2015 (festival pictures)

Stonehenge Festival 2015 (festival pictures)

July 25, 2015 | Steenwijk – What should have been a beautiful festival day, turned into a hell! A huge summer storm blew the whole festival in pieces and Stonehenge 2015 ended up in a nightmare for the visitors and organization. It was too risky to continue, so the festival ended up earlier. Lots of bands, including the Dutch band Izegrim and headliner ‘Devin Townsend Project’, did not play. Marc made some nice pictures from the bands that actually played: Smothered, Wrath, Hyrax, Sabiendas, Fleshless, Diabolical, Ingested, Cytotoxin and the Dutch bands Inquisitor, Dictated, Tarragona and Rise A Thousand.

Lots of respect for the organization and the difficult but good choice they made on that day. Safety first! There are always people complaining about money and stuff, but I’m for sure most people will return in 2016 to support the Stonehenge Festival for the next years! Winners have a plan, losers have an excuse!

Cytotoxin (GER)

Ingested (UK)

Diabolical (SWE)

Hirax (USA)

Fleshless (CZ)

Dictated (NL)

Inquisitor (NL)

Sabiendas (GER)

Wrath (USA)

Smothered (SWE)

Tarragona (NL)

Rise A Thousand (NL)

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Marc is concert/festival photographer and reporter for PitKings in the northern and eastern part of The Netherlands. On occasion he's also writing album reviews. Besides PitKings he also has his own photography company called Loud Images.

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