Epic Metal Fest 2015 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven (festival review)

Epic Metal Fest 2015 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven (festival review)


November 22, 2015 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven – “Why don’t we just organize our own festival with bands on the bill that WE like?” That’s how Epica’s own festival Epic Metal Fest was born. The Dutch symphonic metal band arranged two stages in Het Klokgebouw with a very nice line-up: Scar Symmetry, Dagoba, Periphery, Delain, Fear Factory, Moonspell, Eluveitie, Sepultura and headliner of the festival Epica. Roger was there on behalf of PitKings to enjoy Epic Metal Fest 2015

Scar Symmetry (SWE)
The progressive death metal band Scar Symmetry from Sweden had the honor to open the day. A nice show with a very energetic lead singer. A good openings-act to welcome the audience in Het Klokgebouw.

Scar 02

Scar 01

Dagoba (FR)
On the other stage is the French groove metal band Dagoba playing. A very tight and energetic show with a wall of death and circle pit, but basically the audience is standing, listening and watching. Maybe it’s still to early to bang your head…

Dagoba 04

Dagoba 02

Dagoba 01

Periphery (USA)
Also the American progressive metal band Periphery doesn’t succeed to let the audience go wild. The reason for that could be the worse sound of the vocals, guitars (to soft) and bass (to loud). The lead singer is trying to make a party, but the audience decides to leave a bit earlier to drink a beer and wait for the next show.

Periphery 01

When the Dutch band Delain starts playing, the people in the audience are waking up. Delian is playing a heavy set with a lot of cathcy songs and the band seems to have fun on stage. The whole show looks very professional, including fireworks and good sounding music.

Delain 01

Delain 05

Delain 04

Delain 03

Fear Factory (USA)
Then it’s time for the American industrial metal band Fear Factory. This year it’s 20 years ago that the band released their masterpiece ‘Demanufacture’ and at Epic Metal Fest they play the whole album. So, no surprises, just awesome songs from an awesome album. The audience still didn’t forgot the lyrics after twenty years. A good job from the band and the fans!

Fear 04

Fear 02

Fear 01

Moonspell (POR)
Next band on the bill is Moonspell. This Portuguese gothic metal band knows what to do to get the full attention of the audience. A spheric show with some heavy parts in it and a great light show. During the song ‘Scorpion Flower’ our own Anneke van Giersbergen (Gathering, The Gentle Storm) is entering the stage to sing together with frontman Fernando Ribeiro. A nice show!

Moonspell 03

Moonspell 01

Moonspel 02

Eluveitie (SWI)
When the melodic death/folk metal band Eluveitie is playing, the audience is really going wild. From mosh pits and dancing to clapping and crowd-surfing. The band is doing everything to give the audience the time of their lives with the folk music. A nice party from a nice band!

Eluveitie 04

Eluveitie 03

Eluveitie 01

Sepultura (BRA)
Then it’s time for the legendary thrash/groove metal band Sepultura. What do I have to say. Just hard, tight as we know Sepultura. The biggest part of the setlist exists of classic songs combined with some new stuff. With the last song Roots Bloody Roots we can come up with the conclusion that Sepultura is still going strong!

Sepultura 02

Sepultura 01

On your own party you have to play as headliner of course. Epica is playing an extended set including fireworks and a lot of songs from their last album ‘Quantum Enigma’ combined with great older songs. Epica is doing a great job and are a real headliner of this great day. The first edition of Epic Metal Fest is a good one with a nice combination of heavy and melodic bands. See ya next year!

Epica 06

Epica 04

Epica 03

Epica 02

Epica 01

Sfeer 05

Sfeer 04

Sfeer 02

Sfeer 01

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