Doodskop – Parabellum (album review) ★★★☆☆

Doodskop – Parabellum (album review) ★★★☆☆

The Dutch hardcore punk band Doodskop is angry again. That’s probably the reason why they released a full length album with 16 brand new tracks in April this year. It’s the successor of their EP ‘Pijpen‘ (2015), which was received very well by Tessa. Let’s find out if they can continue the show.

It’s fast, it’s raw, it’s dirty, it’s pure and packed with catchy melodic punk tunes and in your face lyrics. Dutch lyrics! Frustration and anger is a hot topic in the poetic songs. They hate almost everything and everyone: men in suits, work, money and selfish people. I can hardly believe that they are serious about those lyrics, because that would mean those guys live the perfect life!

This album comes up with a nice variety of slow and heavy songs, good riffs, melodies and complex lyrics with a message. On the other hand, the lyrics on ‘Parabellum’ are quite predictable. They are cool when you’re 18, wanna fuck the system and create chaos and anarchy, but for adult people from The Netherlands it’s a little bit to much and over the top. To be short: they released a nice punk album, but they could not really convince me with it in a certain way. Maybe because it’s not unique enough? At the same time I’m looking forward to see them live, because I think that’s the place where the shit hits the fan!

Score: 7.2/10 ★★★☆☆

01. Niemand gelooft jullie nog
02. Een positief nummer
03. Blauwe suede schoenen
04. Nooit te laat
05. Hyena
06. Samen
07. De fabriek
08. Wie dit leest is gek
09. Mataklap!
10. Cri de coeur
11. Achterlijk is the new black
12. Nou en
13. Jouw God
14. Waar zouden we zijn zonder de schijn
15. Donkere dagen
16. Smeulende resten

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