Metalcon 2017 (festival pics)

Metalcon 2017 (festival pics)

May 20, 2017 | Musicon, Den Haag – The annual metal party in Den Haag is for sure Metalcon. Or should I say: was Metalcon… The organisation decided to quit with the festival after this years edition and they did it in style. A nice line-up with 15 bands on the bill, separated over two days during a pre-party on Friday and the main event on Saturday. Maurice was representing PitKings at the main event on Saturday and captured 3rd Machine, Apophys, Atomgott, Begging For Incest, Contorted Mind, Dehumanization, Icarius, Illusionless and The Modern Age Slavery on camera. There is also some video footage available, which can be watched over here. Enjoy!

The Modern Age Slavery




Contorted Mind

Begging For Incest



3rd Machine

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Maurice is reporter and photographer for PitKings in the south/west part of The Netherlands. Besides that he is also guitar player for Concedo Nulli.

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