October 1, 2023


Living on the edge!

IRON MAIDEN – Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam (July 11, 2023)

Even after almost 50 years, Iron Maiden is still actively touring and producing. In 2021, the legendary metal band released the album ‘Senjutsu’. During this ‘The Future Past’ tour, the band plays songs from the most recent record in combination with the iconic 1986 album, ‘Somewhere In Time’, supplemented with other classics.

The venue is sold out and the audience is a nice mix of young and old. After the well-known intro ‘Doctor Doctor’, the audience goes wild and the intro of the movie Blade Runner follows. A recognizable tune from the eighties in which ‘our own’ Rutger Hauer played the leading role. Then the first tones of ‘Caught Somewhere in Time’ sound and the band enters the stage. They last played this song in 1987, so a great moment for all the fans!

After ‘Stanger in A Strange Land’ there are 3 songs from the latest album ‘Senjutsu’. Except for ‘The Writing on The Wall’, these songs are received and sung a lot less enthusiastically. Especially the new songs that follow later in the setlist are way too long. ‘Death of the Celts’ lasts more than 10 minutes and ‘Hell on Earth’ no less than 11 minutes! Because of these long-winded songs you notice that the show loses it’s energy. As a result, the band members also become static and the audience no longer participates. Perhaps they should have played 4 classics instead?

Are there no other highlights? Of course there are! ‘The Prisoner’, ‘Heaven Can Wait’, ‘Fear of the Dark’ and ‘The Trooper’ are sung along at the top of their lungs. But the highlight of the evening is ‘Alexander the Great’. For the first time since it’s release in 1986, this song is played live on Dutch soil! Musically and vocally it is perfect and I don’t understand why they have never played this beautiful song live before.

After about 2 hours the show ends with ‘Wasted Years’. An iconic song from ‘Somewhere in Time’ with of course the accompanying visuals. The concert is orchestrated with fireworks, various backdrops, Bruce’s clothing and of course the mascot Eddie. Yet you notice that the guys are getting older and the autopilot is starting to take over. That is not good for spontaneity and enthusiasm. Fortunately, the setlist with classic songs makes up for a lot!

Tape: Doctor Doctor (UFO song)
Tape: Blade Runner (Vangelis song)
1. Caught Somewhere in Time
2. Stranger in a Strange Land
3. The Writing on the Wall Days of Future Past
4. The Time Machine
5. The Prisoner
6. Death of the Celts
7. Can I Play With Madness
8. Heaven Can Wait
9. Alexander the Great
10. Fear of the Dark
11. Iron Maiden

12. Hell on Earth
13. The Trooper
14. Wasted Years