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GRACELESS – Where Vultures Know Your Name (Album Review) ★★★★★

At a small Festival back in 2018 Graceless was closing off in the Frontroom/Barr of the venue. Some metal insiders tipped me to catch these guys because as told they played OSDM and where taking things in the right direction. Humble me watched and got impressed by the way they were playing. Death/doom in the oldfashioned Dutch style.

Since i did not know these guys, i looked up the existing albums and started listening to their first album called Shadowlands. This was released in 2018. At that time i did not think it was something special, but since their Live performance i kept wandering what a new album would do.

First of, the band consists of Kreft – Vocals / Guitars, Marc on Drums,
Jasper as Bassplayer and last but not least Bjorn also Guitars. They formed Graceless back in 2016.

Now the Album. Did they live up on my expectation of the Live performance? Or was it more like, okay but nothing special.

To be honest, this is a killer Album,. From the more slow doom metal songs to the Faster single “Warpath” Every song is a work of art. For instance the track “Nine days of Mourning”. You can almost feel the pain and emotion which brought around to compose this track. No song is alike untill you come to the other single and closing track: “Embrace the Rain”. What a way to bring an Album to an end. It actually left me hanging to want more.

This Album simply continues the tradition of the Dutch Death/Doom metal style. This should surely go into your collection.

The album was released through Raw Skull Recordz

Score: 9.3/10 ★★★★★


01. Lugdunum Batavorum 05:16
02. Retaliation of the Wicked 05:36
03. Commander of Christ 05:51
04. Nine Days of Mourning 06:53
05. Here Be Dragons 04:54
06. Where Vultures Know Your Name 06:00
07. Warpath 05:28
08. Embrace the Rain 05:42




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