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TO LIVE AMONG WOLVES – (dis)Honored (EP Review) ★★★★☆

From the least populous province of the Netherlands; Zealand, the Hardcore / Punk band: to live amongst wolves came out with their second EP called (dis)honored. It was released on the 12th of april.

After releasing the Ep called Living.Losing back in 2018 this is now their second one.

As i did not know the band, i checked the first ep first to hear where they have come from. It is noticable that you can hear that they have grown musically in the past 2 years. Now as i don’t listen to this genre much, it is difficult for me to rate them, so i won’t. To be fair to them and all other bands which play the Hardcore/punk genre.

When it comes to the new Ep, it contains 4 tracks with a mixture of Punk, Hardcore, Grunge and Beatdown with lyrics wich guides you to the deepest fears of the band.

What i do have to say about the album is that i do find it enjoyable to hear, it goes from emotional to the proverbial kick in the face and it even got me banging occasionally.

So when you are in to this Genre, check them out, it is available on spotify and they are able to release the album with the help of Smithsfoodgroup DIY and Nosebleed records.

The four tracks you get are:

  • A serpents Tale
  • Cursed Embrace
  • No Shepherd
  • Prisoner