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Sisters Of Suffocation – Brutal Queen (EP review) ★★★★☆

Have you ever seen four ladies playing death metal? Well, this is your chance! The death metal band Sisters Of Suffocation from Eindhoven is on a mission to spread their love for extreme music and to cover the world in pink! In May 2016 they released their first EP called ‘Brutal Queen’. Let’s check it out!

First of all I can hear the brutality of suffocation back, but they bring a lot more! The fact that they are all female, can’t be heard in their music at all. These girls know how good death metal should sound! The guitar riffs are filled with melodies and straight in your face technical brutality. The drums are filled with blast beats and up tempo double bass and the bass guitar is also technical and brings a nice rhythmic to it all. The deep grunts coming from the vocals roll out of her really easy. In combination with the high screams, the whole thing sounds evil and makes it even more brutal.

The composing of the songs is very good and filled with a lot of variety and parts that remind me of bands like ‘Cattle Decapitation’ and even some ‘Amon Amarth’ (grooving riffs with deep grunts). There are even some high speed thrash riffs… Damn, there is a lot happening on this EP. The production of this album is also massive! A clear and pure sound, which I like very much. The best song for me is the second song ‘Tales of a Martyr’, which starts with a dark intro and goes over in straight in your face death metal (reminds me a lot of ‘Dead To A Dying World’ from the USA). The only different is that they have 2 singers and she does it herself! Big compliments!

Short conclusion: Sisters Of Suffocation is a band that we are going to hear a lot of. Why? Because they bring you death metal that sounds really fucking good. A lot of variety and everything is well executed! So get you EP over here before it’s sold out!

Score: 8.2/10 ★★★★☆

01. Brutal Queen
02. Tales of a Martyr
03. Fuck It
04. Skinless Flesh
05. Host of a Dead Fetus

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