Lovell’s Blade – Stone Cold Steel (album review) ★★★☆☆

Lovell’s Blade – Stone Cold Steel (album review) ★★★☆☆

The Dutch hardrock/heavy metal band Lovell’s Blade released their first album ‘Stone Cold Steel’ in early February of this year. The name Lovell might ring a bell to some of our more seasoned metalfans. Leadsinger Peter Lovell formed Lovell’s Blade with former Picture-members Andre Wullems and Mike Ferguson. Drawing inspiration from Saxon and Accept, the album ‘Stone Cold Steal’ is a steady metal album with a lot of mid-tempo songs. Mostly melodic heavy metal with heavy riffs and catchy choruses. Needless to say, Lovell’s Blade stays close to it’s roots with this new material.

The album breathes 80’s metal and groovy rock from the outset and throughout. The rhythm-section is brisk and deep, the solos are blistering accompanied by clean, whisky-fuelled vocals of leadsinger Lovell. The band’s experience definitely pays off: steady oldschool tracks that are skilfully recorded. The opener ‘Legend In A Day’ has all the characteristics of a classic metal song. Solid and bold, with a relaxed melody.

Other tracks like ‘Rollin On’ and ‘Dynamite’ are definitely songs for the road. That can also be said for a great number of tracks on ‘Stone Cold Steel’. The rhythm and groove is turned up by songs such as ‘Devil’s Daughter’, ‘Nothing to Lose’ and the fast paced ‘Out for Blood’, which is a welcome surprise and kicks the album up a notch. ‘Into the Sun’ is a rather long tiring ballad, which is stretched out a bit too long for my taste, however, the solo in this particular track is brilliantly executed. Overall the album is steady, yet not technically complex. A ‘clean’ quality production nevertheless. Not the most original album within its genre, but it gives the listener a taste of what classic heavy metal is all about.

Score: 7.1/10 ★★★☆☆

01. Legend in a day
02. Dynamite
03. Rollin’ On
04. Devil’s Daughter
05. Nothing to Lose
06. Out for Blood
07. Into the Sun
08. Rise and Fall
09. Inside Out
10. As much as I can

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