Interview with End Of The Dream: “We’re not those kids that play in local bars anymore”

Interview with End Of The Dream: “We’re not those kids that play in local bars anymore”

The Dutch female-fronted metal End Of The Dream was formed in 2013 and released their second album ‘Until You Break’ two weeks ago (May 11th, 2017). This is the successor of their first album ‘All I Am’, which was released in 2015. For the perfect moment to have a chat with lead singer Micky Huijsmans, about the new album, touring plans and the future.

Can you describe your band in short to people who are not familiar with End Of The Dream?
End of the Dream is an alternative metal band from Holland. We currently have 2 studio albums and have done some cool shows all over Europe!

And how do you describe your musical style?
It’s always a bit difficult to describe your own music, but like I mentioned before, I like to call it ‘Alternative metal’. Because for starters, I have very mixed feelings about the term ‘Female fronted’. Every band out there with a female vocalist is called female fronted metal nowadays and it tells you nothing about their actual music. Would you label Metallica and Morbid Angel ‘male fronted’, just because of their singer? To really answer your question, our music is a combination of a lot of things. Some musical parts are inspired by Dream Theater and Muse. But some vocal parts are really inspired by Celine Dion. So I think we have a quite unique combination of a lot of different bands and genres!

You just released your new album ‘Until You Break’. What can we expect?
Well, the biggest difference between ‘Until you Break’ and ‘All I Am’ is that we’ve matured not only as people, but also as musicians. You can tell by the new album that we’re not those kids that play in local bars anymore and that’s a big step towards what we want to accomplish in our career.

Is it a bunch of songs you collected through the years or did you pick a date and wrote songs together?
Actually our guitarist/pianist Armen Shamelian writes everything. He started the writing process 6 months after our first release I think. When he was in the middle of his process and had like 3 or 4 songs, we started to plan for the studio and the release.

And how was the rest of the writing process going?
Of course we discuss a lot of things about for instance the vocals. It has to suit my voice and vocal range. So sometimes we alter things like key. And it works the same way for the drums.

What about touring in 2017 and 2018? Big plans?
Definitely! There are many cool plans in the making that I can’t tell much about right now. The only detail I can spill is that if everything works out, we’ll do 1 or 2 very big European support tours. So, very excited news to come soon!

There are a lot of metal bands nowadays. What are you doing to be different and original?
I guess we try to be as professional as possible. We’re all very picky and precise about everything. Especially Armen and myself. If something’s not good enough, we’ll alter it till we’re happy with it. That’s not only the case with our music but also things like photo shoots, artwork and stuff like that.

And what about 5 years? Do you have sky high ambitions?
Of course! You have to keep dreaming and you have to keep setting new goals for yourself. Otherwise you won’t be able to accomplish anything. That’s not only how it works in music. I think it works that way for anything in life!

My regular last question: what’s your advice to young starting metal bands?
A band is very hard work and if you want to accomplish something it has to have a big (if not the biggest) priority. And the most important thing is to create something that you are proud of and stand behind 100%. If you feel that way about your music, it’s way easier for others to feel the same way. The way you present your music has to be infectious.

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