Heideroosjes – Melkweg, Amsterdam (concert review)

Heideroosjes – Melkweg, Amsterdam (concert review)

January 26, 2019 | Melkweg, Amsterdam – About 7 years ago the Heideroosjes decided to quit. But now they’re back for a bunch of reunion shows for their 30 year anniversary. This Dutch punk band is back and stronger than ever. With still the same lineup as the band started with, they’re playing in a sold out Melkweg together with support act Afterpartess. With an Edison and a tour throughout the world, they already proved they’re one of the biggest at the moment.

Afterpartees (NL)
Right on time Afterpartees entered the stage. Niek immediately attracts attention and entertains the audience with his busy gestures and short monologues. The entertainment level is high tonight. Is it not because of the fun that the band emanates, it is because singer Niek Nellen entertains the audience with his anecdotes and jumps in the middle of the audience.

 Besides a very entertaining frontman, Afterpartees also has something to offer musically. Call it power pop out or garage, punk popper rock; the gentlemen keep it on ravepop. It comes down to the fact that the music for such a genre is strikingly varied. “We started as a cover band of Heideroosjes, called Weideroosjes”, says Niek after a while. “We would like to do a cover of this band.” Immediately ‘Wurst und Käse’ is blowing through the speakers. Compared with the other songs of the men, this sounds nice and hard in the ears.

The catchy sound of Afterpartees turns into punk rock and the band is firmly in his shoes. “You see, we can also write good songs”, says Niek laughable when the song is finished. The public mosht just by, something we do not see quickly in support programs. After a number of songs, however, the band has to make room for the conversion, so Heideroosjes can enter the stage.

Heideroosjes (NL)
And then the moment is there where everyone has been waiting for: Heideroosjes enters the stage again after seven years of absence to blow the roof off. From the beginning the band bangs in nicely. ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ blows through the speakers and the audience immediately starts.

The band laughs and clearly wants to play this show. A number of musical errors, including incorrect betting and a melody that sometimes does not belong to that song, are quickly forgiven. Probably the public did not even hear these mistakes. Nobody stands still and most of them are busy keeping themselves afloat in the chaos. In addition, the number of crowdsurfers can not be counted on a hand. The lack of barriers makes good use of the people in the room. ‘Punica’ and ‘Sjonnie en Anita’ remain the favorites of the audience. Everyone sings, everyone flies, here and there beer flies through the air and people come out of the moshpit sweaty.

The two-hour set will certainly not get boring. All hits are over, such as ‘Tering Tyfus Takketrut’, ‘Lekker Belangrijk’ and ‘Ze Smelten de Paashaas’. The last mentioned is even put into a, in their own words, modern jacket by making it a hardcore song. All hands go into the air. The two hours fly by and the Heideroosjes play a show that seems to pass by band and audience in a kind of daze. With ‘Tering Tyfus Takketrut’ there is an end to the regular set.

But the Melkweg wants more. A four-track encore is the result. After ‘I’m not Deaf (I’m Just Ignoring You)’ and ‘Damclub Hooligan’ the reunion show is done. Both band and audience can look back on an evening full of nostalgia, which can be redone again in Brussels or one of the festivals this year.

01. United Scum
02. Scapego0at Revolution
03. Break the public Peace
04. Everybody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me
05. We’re All Fucked Up
06. Homesick for a Place That Does Not Exist
07. P.C.P.O.S.
08. Fistfuckparty At 701
09. Fistful of Ideals
10. Watch Me Play
11. Ik wil niks!
12. Val maar dood!
13. Ode To The Ramones
14. Klapvee!
15. Goede tijden, slechte tijden
16. Punica
17. Iedereen Is Gek (Behalve Jij)
18. Time Is Ticking Away
19. Regular Day in Bosnia
20. Lekker belangrijk
21. Since 1989
22. Listen to the Pope
23. Ik zie je later
24. Nothing’s Wrong
25. Sjonnie & Anita
26. A Bag Full of Stories
27. Ze smelten de Paashaas!
28. Tering Tyfus Takketrut

29. Not So Long Song
30. A Hippie Sing Along
31. I’m Not Deaf (I’m Just Ignoring You!)
32. Damclub hooligan

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