WANTED: Album reviewers (M/F)

WANTED: Album reviewers (M/F)

We need your help!
Every day we receive so much requests for album reviews, that we simply don’t have enough writers to keep up. So, we need your help!

Why should I write for PitKings?
• As a reviewer you get the latest metal music first
• Your review will be read by hundreds of metalheads all over the world
• PitKings can give you free access to (some) concerts

What am I reviewing about?
There are two categories. Metal albums from major international metal bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Volbeat, Slayer and metal albums from Dutch bands as God Dethroned, Epica, Sinister, Asphyx and many more. Check this list for inspiration. It’s up to you what to choose!

How it works?
It’s simple. You get the music from us, we get the album review in English from you. A review is basically done in 200-300 words, with an overall rating from 1-10 at the end. Just send it to info@pitkings.nl and you’re done.

Interested? Contact us.
Send your message to info (@) pitkings.nl

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