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VIROCRACY – Irradiation (Album Review) ★★★☆☆

Back in the middle of 2018, a new band was formed in Germany, called Virocracy.

Formed by Alejandro Serrano Martinez (Drums), Anika ov Moseberg (Vocals), Alexander Jelinek (Guitar), Florian Betz (Bass), Jan Heidelberger (Guitar) they come at us with a Progressive Death/thrash Metal album called  Irradiation

This album you might call a Concept album. It tells the story of Rane, who is sent on a dark journey due to a misfortune and who the listener follows through different worlds and states of mind.

Concept albums can be difficult, either you get sucked into the music, or you don’t. Which means when starting your career it can make or break you for the future.

This one has me on a crossroad, it seems that they haven’t clearly set a path in which Direction they want to go. It is clear that the members are skilled to make it progressive, or even technical. but in my opinion it sometimes gets too technical, which may become a bit destracting. I also miss a bit of distinction in emotion with the vocals to let us hear differences through the different states of mind.

With these points aside, the album is pretty solid and a good listen. And with the skills they’ve shown on this album i am sure that they will continue to grow and surprise us in the future. If you want to know how the story unfolds with Rane, buy the album. It is released by MDD/Black Sunset records

 Score: 7.5/10 ★★★☆☆ 





4.Walking Ghost




8.Void of Heart