Variscythe | Deluding Paradigm (album review) ★★★★★

Variscythe | Deluding Paradigm (album review) ★★★★★


On October 17 2015, the Dutch thrash/groove/melodic metal band Variscythe released their first album, called ‘Deluding Paradigm’. After two EP’s ‘Variscythe’ (2011) ‘Origin of Sacrifice’ (2013), it’s time for their first full length album. Let’s see!

Variscythe is founded in 2008 and the last few years the band had some line-up changes. With a new drummer and a new bass player, they recorded this brand new album. I would love to tell you something about all the nine songs separated, but mainly the ingredients of all the songs are basically the same: a mix of heavy grooves and riffs with fine guitar melodies and quarrelsome vocals. The most different song of them all, in my opinion, is ‘Water Draws The Root’. A song with slow, medium and fast parts and a great melodic bridge and guitar solo. Very nice work! Overall the album exists of slow and mid tempo songs, completed with faster parts. Except the last song ‘Withheld from Light’: a fast song with extreme nice riffs to listen to.

There’s happening a lot on ‘Deluding Paradigm’, like tempo changes and songs that are packed with different, great riffs. The drums and guitars are cooperating very well during riffs and double bass parts. That gives this album the tight sound. The only negative thing I can find, is that the drums is mixed a little bit to loud into the songs. Just a detail. The rest of the sound is perfect, especially the sharp, tight and heavy guitar riffs. What I like most of this album, is the natural sound of it. Nowadays basically all the bands create albums with digital tools and I think Variscythe also did, but they let it sound very natural. Big compliments!

If you like bands like Sylosis, In Flames, Trivium and Lamb Of God, this album is a must have. Just recorded properly and their is happening enough to be not bored at all. Just a great debut album. Keep on going!

Score: 9.2/10 ★★★★★

1. Across the Eclipsing Shrine
2. Acrimony
3. Hollowed Mind
4. Sanguisuga
5. Unveiled
6. Shattered
7. Water Draws the Root
8. Withheld from Light
9. Deluding Paradigm

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