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The Sound Of Revolution 2018 (festival review)

November 3, 2018 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven – It was already the third edition of the punk and hardcore festival The Sound of Revolution. The festival has grown out to one of the biggest punk and hardcore festivals in Europe. Bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front and Suicidal Tendencies were part of the line-up. When we arrived at the festival on Saturday we heard the news that GBH and GB (flight delay) couldn’t make it, but this didn’t spoil the fun. Pictures: Francois de Jonge

The Templars (USA)

First band on the list is The Templars. The New York based Oi band started playing while the crowd still is a bit timid. After a few older songs “The Sixties Are Over”, “War on the Streets” and “Skinheads Rule That’s Okay”, the crowd reacts and shows the band that the party had started. As one of the first bands on the Revolution stage, they played a solid set.

Shark Attack (USA)

Next stop is Shark Attack, playing their European debut. After they released some EP’s and songs in early 2000, the band quit, but made it to The Sound of Revolution today. The set exists of the better songs like “CCP” “Blood in the Water” “Misery Loves Company” and some covers like Last Rights’ “Chunks” and some songs by Violent Minds (members of Shark Attack). It was a hard, fast and loud set!

Slope (GER)

Hardsell (NL)

Because of the GBH cancellation, the Ducth band Hardsell replaced them. With their hard hitting street punk, they made it to the main stage! With roots in Europe and the States, they took off and delivered a great set to make people forget about GBH. One of the first time’s on this day that the main stage crowd went Banana’s…!

Shipwrecked (NOR/SWE)

After a short break for some food and a glimpse of the “Incendiary” set, we headed over to the Warzone stage to watch Shipwrecked from Sweden and Norway. It’s the first time ever I see them play in Holland. And what a show! Fast, short but of course very good! They opened up with a song from their latest EP and went on with songs form “The Last Pagans” album and earlier work. Hardcore the way it should be played if you ask me: no nonsense and straight in your face!

No Turning Back (NL)

After Shipwrecked we went to the True Spirit stage to see No Turning Back perform. They played their “10th Anniversary Stronger” set. With the homefield advantage and a lot of support from the crowd, they tore the stage down. They never let the fans down when it come´s to putting on a good live show.

Topnovil (AUS)

Perkele (SWE)

As NTB put an end to it, we headed of to the main stage to watch Perkele perform. The show was beyond my expectations and the crowd loved it. A lot of singalongs and beers up in the air during their set. Songs as “Heart Full of Pride” and “Forever” kept the crowd singing.

St. Hood (FIN)

Agnostic Front (USA)

In between shows we went on to get some food and headed back for the Agnostic Front show that was on it´s way. With a mix of older and new songs they made way for a nice pit. The band still has that energy and Roger and Stigma can carry a show. Great to see AF live again…

Suicidal Tendencies (USA)