September 30, 2023


Living on the edge!

The Sound Of Revolution 2017 (festival pics)

November 4, 2017 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven – With 21 hardcore and punk bands, the second edition of The Sound Of Revolution was sold out a few weeks before it started. On three stages across the venue a great line-up of bands showed their skills. With Sick Of It All (USA), Cro-Mags (USA), Stars and Stripes (USA), Battery (USA), Cold World (USA), No Warning (CA), Dog Eat Dog (USA), No Turning Back (NL), Slapshot (USA), Backtrack (USA), 100 Demons (USA), Right Direction (NL), Wisdom In Chains (USA), Lion’s Law (FR), Bishops Green (CA), Knuckledust (UK), Strength For A Reason (USA), Slander (IT), Hawser (NL), Brick By Brick (USA), and This Means War! (NL/BE).

The edition for 2018 will take place on November 3rd. Get your early bird tickets here!

Wisdom In Chains (USA)

Strength For A Reason (USA)

Stars and Stripes (USA)

Slapshot (USA)

Slander (IT)

Sick Of It All (USA)

Right Direction (NL)

Lion’s Law (FR)

Knuckledust (UK)

Dog Eat Dog (USA)

Bishops Green (CA)

Battery (USA)