08 February 2023

Guido van de Graaf TLP (© Marc van Kollenburg)


Photo courtesy of Marc van Kollenburg / LoudImages

Dutch death metal band THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE announce the return of their estranged guitarist Giedo van de Graaf. Van de Graaf, who has been the main composer and guitarist on all of the releases of The Lucifer Principle, joined the line of auditions after the departure of guitarist Hein Willekens, who left to pursue a yet undisclosed solo project. Van de Graaf left THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE in early 2018, for personal reasons. In their first rehearsal, an entirely new song was crafted already.

After the announcement that guitarist Hein Willekens (Up The Irons, ex Legion Of The Damned), who took over the part as guitarist from Giedo van de Graaf in 2018, would leave THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE, the band made a public announcement in which they stated they were looking for a replacement. Unexpected, well-known, and very promising names applied, but little did the band expect that their formed axeman would be one of them. He however was not given the job, he had to fight for it. After some serious talking and a first audition, with an instant musical reconnection, it became instantly apparent for the band that their lost brother had returned.
THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE lead singer Earik states:
“This comes as a surprise to me as much as it does to anyone else. Giedo made a strong return on all levels at our first rehearsal. The band has grown in the last two years, but Giedo nailed it from the first song untill the last. We even found time to start working on a new song. So although he is a familiar face, I do see this as a new chapter. I would hereby like to thank Hein for his relentless input and fresh approach he showed us in the band over the last two years and I wish him all the best with what he has coming. I don’t know what it will be yet, but trust me, that MF is gonna kick some ass again soon. I would also like to express my gratitude towards all the great guitarists that have shown interest in joining us. Some of them were good enough to have us consider to move on with three guitarists, also on a personal level, but ultimately, this is what I think is the best and most logical step for us”.
Giedo van de Graaf adds:
“It’s feels great to re-join The Lucifer Principle after two years. I hope we can Stomp up things soon on stage (…..when the storm is over). In the meantime we’ll start working on new songs! See you all soon, stay save!”.
Giedo van de Graaf and singer Earik share a history in making music together, dating back to 1992, when they recorded one demo together under the name of MORBID VISION. Earik and he parted musical ways and Earik then made fame with the underground progressive death metal band PRE MORTEM, to be reunited again in 2004 in THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE. Van de Graaf is described by producer Dan Swanö as the composer of one of the best opening sequences he has heard in death metal. Singer Earik was dubbed by leading Dutch metal magazine Arrow Lords of Metal as one of the the best death voices ever, upon the release of ‘Play Dead’.
THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE is a traditional death metal band. At the formation in 2004 the band displayed a stand-up bass, but after 2010, with the addition of thoroughbred bassist Sander Keuls (previously of the pop band Yellow Pearl) that gimmick was dropped. The band has released three full-length albums so far, for which they consistently scored in the highest ranks at media worldwide, and played on international stages with their highly party-flavoured “stomping death metal”.  Their last effort ‘Play Dead’ from 2017 was their first complete DIY record.
Erik “Earik” Mensinga – Vocals (2004-present)
Thomas De Bruin – Guitars (2004-present)
Mikhail Kulagin – Drums (2006-present)
Sander Keuls – Bass (2010-present)
Giedo van de Graaf – Guitars (2004-2018; 2020-present) 

Pitch Black Dawn (2007)
Welcome to Bloodshed (2009)
Play Dead (2017) 

PLAY DEAD – https://youtu.be/Iry9u0hOJCc
MONSTER – https://youtu.be/MURa9KDS8K8


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YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjXOcwPcFAnaVF9d_xDQgxQ