Starve – Machine Nation (album review) ★★★★☆

Starve – Machine Nation (album review) ★★★★☆


Starve is a Dutch metal band from Utrecht with it’s roots firmly in sludge metal, hardcore and punk. In June of 2015 their full-length record ‘Machine Nation’ was released through the newly resurrected ‘Wrath of Time Records’ in collaboration with ‘Badger Records’. It includes elements of 90’s hardcore, metal and grunge, drawing inspiration from the kind of music the members of the band grew up with.

You’re reading this review to discover how someone else thinks about this album. Right? Well, I can tell you immediately that this album is great! So, now you can stop reading and listen to the album or just read why I like it so much. It’s up to you! The music of Starve is basically built up with the ingredients dirt, fear and injustice. So, expect a bunch of low tuned guitars, that give their music an extremely heavy sound.

The vocals reach from clean like (think of Glenn Danzig) to aggressive and raw (think of Billy Evans from Biohazard). The clean parts gives the music some moments of rest and makes it very nice to listen to, while on the other hand the aggressive parts are perfect if you need to steam off. No technical skills, just screaming! The drums and bass are basic, but just do what they have to do: give the music vibe and a foundation.

There is just one critical point from my site. Overall the songs are slow, deep and hard (thanks Mr. P. Steele). So, sometimes I miss some speedy riffs or up-tempo drums. Not a really big issue, but I would like to mention it. All in all the album ‘Machine Nation’ is just a great record, with the song ‘Accept Defeat’ as the highlight of the album. For me this is the soundtrack of this album including all the elements a good song needs in this genre. The bridges all contain very surprising musical intermezzos and guitar solos and the use of multi layered vocals gives it a great dimension.

Score: 8.1/10 ★★★★☆

1. Empty (S)hell 04:24
2. Granite City 05:11
3. Shady 03:21
4. Isolation 06:48
5. Accept Defeat 04:53
6. Black Sludge 04:51
7. IOU 04:11
8. Machine Nation 04:38

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