October 1, 2023


Living on the edge!

Dutch Metal Quiz – Soilwork

We are reaching the end of the year, so it’s time for our second edition of the Dutch Heavy Music Quiz! The next weeks we are revealing the results of the 11 bands that played the quiz in 2016. Today we start with the Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork. At Graspop I talked with Björn Strid (vocals) and Dirk Verbeuren (drums, now with Megadeth) and asked them 10 questions about Dutch heavy music.


1. Which Dutch magazine for metal music was founded in 1980 by Metal Mike and Stefan Rooyackers?
Dirk: I know that one! That’s gotta be Aardschok.
Anton: Alright! 3 points for you.

2. Which Dutch symphonic metal band is founded by Mark Jansen and got their name from Kamelot’s sixth album, released in 2003?
Bjorn: That’s gotta be…. uh… hold on… Dutch, maybe Within Temptation?
Dirk: No, no, it’s Epica! We supposed to do a tour with them 3 years ago, but it didn’t happen.
Anton: But 6 points for you! Question #3.

3. In 1990 Iron Maiden covered the song ‘Kill Me Ce Soir’. From which famous Dutch rock band is this song originally.
Dirk: Is it the Golden Earring?
Bjorn: Yes!
Anton: Haha… Amazing. It was on the B side of the Holy Smoke single.

4. What have the Dutch death metal bands Asphyx, Pestilence and Hail of Bullets in common?
Dirk: Can I say this one? It’s Martin van Drunen. The best Dutch death metal singer on earth! Yes!
Anton: Wow! Full pull right now with 12 points. You know Apshyx?
Dirk: Well, when I was 15, ‘Consuming Impulse’ from Pestilence was my favorite album for a long time. Also the first two albums of Asphyx are just amazing!
Anton: Nice details. Good to know!

5. In 2014 musician and composer Arjen Lucassen worked together with the female singer Anneke van Giersbergen on a musical metal project. What was the name of this Dutch project?
Dirk: I know how it is called. Fuck…
Bjorn: Just give us the options.
Anton: The Gentle Storm, Star One or Stream Of Passion.
Bjorn: Star One. No, no, no… Haha…
Dirk: I heard of Star One
Bjorn: No, that’s his other project. So maybe The Gentle Storm?
Anton: Yes, that’s correct. One point for you. So you know Arjen, but do you also know Anneke?
Dirk: Yes, we met her when we did some shows with Devin Townsend. She is great!

6. Which Dutch DJ, composer and musician worked together with Sepultura, Fear Factory and Dog Eat Dog?
Dirk: I know this. I know this.
Bjorn: I guess we need the multiple choice…
Anton: I have Hardwell, Rude Boy or Junkie XL for you.
Dirk: That’s Junkie XL.
Bjorn: I agree with that one, although I didn’t recognize the name.
Anton: Yes! It’s Junkie XL. He’s now doing a lot of movie music like Spiderman, Mad Max and Batman.

7. A very popular metal band from The Netherlands is Carach Angren. What type of metal do they play?
Bjorn: Well, I would say folk metal?
Dirk: Yeah, a kind of Irish theme?
Anton: No, it’s black/horror metal.
Bjorn: We never would know this one. Haha…

8. Which Dutch punk band played over 1500 shows and still holds the record of best sold Dutch punk album?
Dirk: The Heideroosjes?
Anton: Haha… That’s right!
Bjorn: What the hell! Haha…
Anton: Where you’re actually from?
Dirk: From Belgium! Hahaha… So in the past I was reading a lot of Aardschok.
Anton: That’s a little bit cheating, but nevermind… I agree with it, Hahaha… 17 points already!

9. Floor Jansen is since 2012 the lead singer of Nightwish. In which Dutch symphonic metal band was she singing between 1997 and 2009?
Bjorn: That’s After Forever.
Dirk: Yes! That one I would have struggled with. Haha…
Anton: Very nice teamwork! Another 3 points for you guys. Up to the last one!

10. Which Dutch hardrock band scored a worldwide hit in 1982 with the song ‘Burning Heart’?
Dirk: Burning Heart. That sounds very familiar.
Bjorn: 1982? And it was a worldwide hit?
Anton: Let me help you a little. The guitar player played with Whitesnake.
Bjorn: Oow! Hold on….. Is it Vandenberg?
Anton: Yeah, yeah!
Dirk: Wow, amazing!
Anton: Well, you are the first band who’s playing the quiz and you scored 23 out of 30 points!
Bjorn: Wow, that’s not bad!
Anton: No, that’s very good when I compare it with last year.
Bjorn: I actually like this quiz. Something different than all the other interviews. Haha…
Anton: Thanks both for your time and enjoy your stay at Graspop!

Soilwork: 23 points. Check all the other bands that played the ‘Dutch Heavy Music Quiz 2016‘.