Sjock Festival 2018 (festival pics)

Sjock Festival 2018 (festival pics)

July 6-8, 2018 | Gierle, Belgium – Your rock & roll highlight of the year! Now we’re talking! A quite unknown festival in Belgium called Sjock, opened the gates for the 43rd time!

The festival started in 1976 and ever since the organization is coming with a decent line-up, just like this year. A nice mix of different genres, like punk, hardcore, rockabilly, rock ‘n roll and heavy rock. Some highlights of this years edition are MC50, Pennywise, Dead Kennedys, Nick Oliveri, No Fun At All, The Mummies and Turbonegro. A great festival including an awesome atmosphere, which should be visited by all of you!

Pennywise (USA)

Sjock Audience

Rotten Foxes (UK)

The Bonnevilles (IRE)

The Hackensaw Boys (USA)

The Wiseguys (UK)

Turbonegro (DEN)

Captain Kaiser (BEL)

Dead Kennedys (USA)

Descendents (USA)

Dwarves (USA)

The Lords Of Altamont (USA)

Messer Chups (RUS)

The Mummies (USA)

Nick Oliveri Death Electric (USA)

Nine Pound Hammer (USA)

No Fun At All (USA)

Pat Reedy (USA)

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