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Sinnery – Black Bile (album review) ★★★★★

On September 16th the Israel’s band Sinnery is releasing a new album “Black Bile”. I had never heard them before and was sincerely surprised. Coming from a place where religion and social norms play such a big role, – they must have something real to say, I thought. And I was not mistaken.

The whole album is pure thrash metal. No digressions and no compromises. Right from the first memorable track “The Burning” and to the final melancholic notes of the last track “Holes” the album strikes the listener with its raw energy.

The album is full of groovy riffs and shredding solos. I would say that the most catchy songs, besides “The Burning”, are: “Sever” with its doomed sound, thrilling riffs of “Mouthful Of Nails”, and brutal screams on “Hanged From The Sun”. But generally, the listeners will find a lot of moments when you just want to drop everything you are doing and go on a full headbanging mode.

I would add some critics and say that after all this brutality I needed a track to slow down. Would have been great to hear a dark and heavy ballad coming from this band.

On the whole, the album “Black Bile” is great and highly recommended!

Rating: 9.5/10 ★★★★★


1. The Burning (4:39)
2. Black Bile (4:56)
3. Who Will Be Eaten First (2:38)
4. Sever (6:03)
5. Anti Tribe (3:48)
6. Mouthful Of Nails (5:46)
7. Hanged From The Sun (5:39)
8. Bleak (4:42)
9. Here Below (4:39)
10. Holes (06:08)

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