Scumbash 2017 (festival pics)

Scumbash 2017 (festival pics)

March 4, 2017 | RDM Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam – Ones in a year there’s Scumbash. An one of a kind festival which can’t be compared with other Dutch festivals. With 20 bands, 3 stages, 1 barber shop, 1 submarine wharf, 3 tattoo studios, Popcorn Krew, Dr. Martens, Roller Derby, Vintage Vixen, food vendors, vegan grill and bucketloads of booze. The music is a nice selection of different types of ‘heavy’ music, like Legion Of The Damned, Batmobile, Order Of The Emperor, Death Alley and Backfire! Ad captured most of the bands on camera during this day of pure goddamn rock ‘n’ roll!

Zeke (USA)

White Miles (AT)

The Pole Cats (UK)

The Kendolls (SWE)

T-99 (NL)

Stiff Little Fingers (IRL)

Scumbag Millionaire (SWE)

Order Of The Emperor (NL)

Nekromantix (DEN/USA)

Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers (NL)

Legion Of The Damned (NL)

Kadaver (DE)

Fleddy Melcully (BE)

Def Americans (NL)

Death Alley (NL)

Batmobile (NL)

Accelerators (NL)

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