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Resistance – Skulls of My Enemy (album review) ★★★☆☆

It has been five years since the last album “Metal Machine”, and now Resistance is coming back with a new release called “Skulls of My Enemy”.

Resistance is a Los Angeles metal band, who have been on a metal stage for over twenty years. Being influenced by various genres, Resistance associate themselves the most with Traditional, Thrash and Power Metal. Listening to their new album, I can definitely agree with that.

The new release contains 9 tracks, of which I would like to highlight a few: Valhalla has Locked it’s Doors, Nordic Witch, and Awaken the Necromancer, – as they seemed the most catchy to me. To be fair, I went through ups and downs, listening to the album: oftentimes the songs start with a powerful riff but then inevitably transition into the common and a little bit ordinary sound line. However, the beautiful solo-guitar performance appears in every song and shines through the whole album.

The mood and the lyrics relate this album more into the Power Metal category. I would also describe the sound of “Skulls of My Enemy” as energetic and nostalgic at the same time. On one hand, it is a good thing – they hold on to their roots and make the listener think of the 80’s classics of the genre. On the other hand, that makes them somewhat predictable, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I would love to hear something less ordinary on the contemporary metal scene.

Resistance – “Skulls of My Enemy” delivers a good quality metal in its most typical sense, so if you are a metalhead, searching for a familiar oldschool sound – that’s it!

Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆


1. Call to Arms (Intro) 00:52

2. Valhalla has Locked it’s Doors 04:05

3. On Dragon Wings 04:48

4. Earthshaker 05:06

5. Nordic Witch 05:31

6. Empires Fall 04:38

7. Templar’s Creed 04:24

8. Awaken The Necromancer 05:50

9. Metallium 04:51

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