ProgPower Europe 2017 (festival pics)

ProgPower Europe 2017 (festival pics)

October 7-8, 2017 | JC Sjiwa, Baarlo – When it comes to progressive metal music combined with an unique atmosphere, ProgPower Europe is the place to be. In the small village Baarlo, in the southern part of The Netherlands, many regular visitors celebrate progressive rock and metal music every year. The line-up is a wide variety of upcoming and established bands in the genre, like Soen (SE), Hemina (AUS), Toehider (AUS) and Tesseract (UK). It was quite crowdy at JC Sjiwa and not always easy to take proper pics. On the other hand, the festival and atmosphere was great, just like the bands that performed!


Cataya (GER)

Blindead (POL)

Kauan (UKR)

Atrox (NOR)

Pyramaze (DEN)

Soen (SWE)


Semistereo (NL)

Organized Chaos (SER)

Brutai (UK)

Hemina (AUS), Toehider (AUS), Tesseract (UK)
No proper pics unfortunately, because of the moving and busy crowd

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