Primal Fear + Riot V + Existance – Gigant, Apeldoorn (concert review)

Primal Fear + Riot V + Existance – Gigant, Apeldoorn (concert review)

October 13, 2018 | Gigant, Apeldoorn – When I heard that the German metal band Primal Fear came to town, I just had to be present. And when I discovered that they would bring Riot V and Existance to support their gig, I knew there was going to be a party in Gigant Apeldoorn!

Existance (F)
It is still a bit early when Existance is walking on the stage. It is good to see that it is pretty busy already and when these guys kick into gear it is a feast for the ears and the eyes.

These French know how to throw a party! This is a very, very varied set and the present audience is having a blast. From the forth song on, all present sing along and when “We are restless” sounds, there is some anticipation and when singer Julian Izard is asking for some participation form the audience, he gets it instantly. Musically and vocally it is great and there is a show to be seen, so to have this band as an opening act, sets the bar for the rest of the evening pretty high!

Riot V (USA)
It is really busy when Riot V is getting ready for their part of the evening. Right during the first song, Riot V does remind me a bit of Helloween in the old days. Singer Todd Michael Hall singing the high notes and he surely does hit them all! With the apparent ease of how he does it, makes it even more impressive. The pumping sound of Riot V is making everybody in the venue dance or at least move.

This band has a lot of fun on the stage too. A lot of interaction among themselves but surely with the audience, where bass player Don Van Stavern goes the extra mile and even shares is hard liquor with the audience (of which some thought it was water, ha!). Singer Todd is standing in front of his band as a true storyteller, telling the story with his eyes, hands and body language. Later on someone told me his gestures were somewhat of those of Dio and I guess I can relate to that. The set is very well put together and the last three songs hit home. They saved the fastest and loudest songs for last. Todd has even removed his shirt, much to the liking of ladies present.

I guess Primal Fear is going to have a hard time to top these two bands!

Primal Fear (D)
The anticipation is growing and the number of people in the venue is too! Gigant is back when it comes to programming metal and when they do it with bands like these, I guess the have to extend the venue. Singer Ralf announces that there will be 5 songs from the new album and the rest will be older stuff, but the people present couldn’t care less if was old or new; they sing along with every track anyway. The atmosphere is coming to a peak and there is fun on stage and fun in the audience. With “The End Is Near” the crowd is losing it when Ralf is hitting the high notes square on! This song is fantastically pumping and has a bit of an anthem to it and that is just what the people need.

The most hilarious action of the evening goes to Alex Beyrodt. When he spots a guy in the third row busy with his phone, he leans over the crowd, taps him on the head and tells him to watch him and the show instead of his phone. After the set is over, there are some encores of which the power ballad “Fighting the Darkness” is very impressive. What a goddamn fucking brilliant evening this was! Three awesome bands, a packed venue and cold beer!

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