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Nawabs of Destruction - Preview

NAWABS OF DESTRUCTION – Rising Vengeance (Album Preview) ★★★★★

Back in December of 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh; a new band was formed. Well band, actually a duo. The band consists of Saad Anwar (Sent Men Revolt, ex -Jahiliyyah, Cynosure) and Taawkir (Shontrash, In Exile) and naming their band Nawabs of Destruction. Nawab used to be a word in Pre-Indian for Monarch or sub-King. The album comes out on April Fools which gives me time to Preview the album.

First of; the Artwork and Logo, i love them. They are subtle.

Now about the music they make, The call it atmospheric /progressive/technical death metal. It is and it is a brilljant Album. Starting wth some white noise and a instrumental intro, music starts slowly building. When clean singing starts, it makes you think it is a heavy metal album untill the grunting starts and from that moment on you get stuck in an album of which you do not want to let go. The transitions between sections of the tracks are well timed, which also counts from switching growls to shrieking and clean singing throughout the album is perfectly balanced.

You get 8 tracks of the highest quality of atmospheric death metal and my personal favorite is the Title track; Rising Vengeance.

This is an album you need to get. Even though the year is still long, this could be a contender for Album of the year for me.

Score: 9.5/10 ★★★★★

Track listing:

1. Beginning of the end

2. Rising Vengeance

3. Reincarnation

4. Sleep Paralysis

5. Rise of the Warlords

6. The Evil Within

7. In The verge of death

8. The Merciless


Band: https://www.facebook.com/NawabsOfDestruction/

Label: http://www.pathologicallyexplicitrecordings.com/

Graphics: https://www.facebook.com/VIMENDYART/