08 February 2023

Lokerse Feesten 2018 – Sunday Metalday

August 5, 2018 | Lokeren, Belgium – Some mainstream festivals have nice traditions, but Lokerse Feesten in Belgium has an awesome tradition: Sunday metalday! One day packed with metal, metalheads and of course some great bands. This year the organization created a decent lineup with a lot of different metal styles. Old school heavy metal from Judas Priest, moshing metalcore from Hatebreed, progressive death metal from Gojira, glammetal from Steel Panther, melodic death metal from At The Gates, southern hardrock from Diablo Blvd and epic female fronted metal from Brides Of Lucifer.

Diablo Blvd (BEL)

At The Gates (SWE)

Hatebreed (USA)

Steel Panther (USA)

Gojira (FRA)

Judas Priest (UK)

Brides Of Lucifer (BEL)