John Coffey | The Great News (album review) ★★★★☆

John Coffey | The Great News (album review) ★★★★☆


On January 30, 2015 John Coffey released their brand new album ‘The Great News’. John Coffey is a wild, high energy Dutch punk/hardrock band with no boundaries! Johan wrote a review about this new album and guess what? He gave it a 9.0!

About John Coffey
The long-awaited brand new cd ‘The Great News´ of the Dutch punkrock band ‘John Coffey‘ is here! 3 years ago the boys from John Coffey came with ‘Bright Companions’ and the album was loved by critics and became a big hit. The fanbase as well and the reach of John Coffey rapidly expands with shows all over the Benelux. With some great songs in there repertoire like ‘Romans’, ‘Featherless Redheads’ and ‘ Oh, Oh, Calamity’, people wanted more so they came with ‘The Great News’.

Like a freight train
The album starts of with ‘Eagle Chasing Flies’. A great opener, the song is like a freight train and the song just rumbles through, until they break it down to a sludge end. Immediately it is followed up by ‘Broke Neck’ one of their singles of this album. You just can keep still on this song. On ‘Redrum’ you can hear strong influences from Foo Fighters, which is positive! ‘Jean Trompette’ is the moment to breath before ‘Heart of a Traitor’ just takes it where they left of with the help of a trumpet. ‘Heart of a Traitor’ is like throwing a bull in a moshpit full of Matadors. Track number ten is ‘J.C. Davis (it was a pleasure meeting you)’ followed up by ‘Relief’ a catchy riff with chaotic screams. The album ends with ‘It’s Beginning to Change’ a slow and soft break down after an amazing and hectic new album. Watch their latest video ‘Heart of a Traitor’ here:

With ‘The Great News’, John Coffey shows they are re-newing within the borders of their own unique sound. If you are a John Coffey fan, this is an album to buy, even if you never heard John Coffey you are going to enjoy this CD.

Score: 9,0/10 ★★★★☆

1. Eagle Chasing Flies
2. Broke Neck
3. Son
4. Redrum
5. Echo
6. The Sinking Ship
7. Jean Trompette
8. Heart of a Traitor
9. All Horses
10. J.C. Davis (it was a pleasure meeting you)
11. Relief
12. It’s Beginning to Change

More information: or or you can listen to the new album here:

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