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Hologram Earth – Black Cell Program (album review) ★★★★☆

The Amsterdam based progressive metal quintet Hologram Earth welcomes you with their debut album ‘Black Cell Program’. The album is released in April 2017 and brings you a nice portion of dynamic and complex metal music.

When you give a band all the creativity, time and space they want, things become awesome. The progressive creativity on ‘Black Cell Program’ hits you like a hurricane. The compositions, the use of weird music instruments like a trumpet and trombone and the tempo changes, show me that we have to deal with a very talented and original progressive metal band. Completed by melodic, almost symphonic, tunes and melodies, this album is very interesting and divers.

The sound quality is not executed perfect and at some moments it sounds a little flat in my opinion, but that’s a small detail if you ask me. Just listen to this album five times and still you discover new elements in every song. For progressive metal fans ‘Black Cell Program’ is a must have, but also for metalheads who wanna step out of their comfort zone. Textures is history, Hologram Earth is the future!

Score: 88/100 ★★★★☆

01. Immaculate Conception
02. Outnumbered
03. Circadian
04. Moment of Despair
05. Rebirth
06. In Ashes We Sleep
07. Black Cell Program

Michiel Meurs – Vocals
Steven Hulshof – Guitar
Bram Heijs – Guitar
Luuk van der Velden – Drums
Thomas Cochrane – Bass/Guitar/Trumpet/Trombone
Jørgen Munkeby – Saxophone

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