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HEAVEN SHALL BURN – Of Thruth and Sacrifice (Album Review) ★★★★☆

After four years of silence, since their last album “Wanderer” Heaven Shall Burn, are back with a new album called Of Truth and Sacrifice. These Metallers from Germany started back in 1996. So, calling these guys veterans is no understatement. Starting under the name Consense, which they changed later to an excerpt of a Marduk album, called Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered.   They play a mix of Melodical deathmetal, Metalcore and Deathcore. Album is released throuh Century Media

The Band now consists of

  • Maik Weichert – guitars
  • Marcus Bischoff – vocals
  • Eric Bischoff – bass
  • Alexander Dietz – guitars
  • Christian Bass – drums

This new album is already their 9th full studio album, which is actually a double album, containing no less then 19 tracks wih a playing time of about 90 minutes. Which is a gamble. First it costs blood, sweat and tears to create such a long album, and will it be entertaining enough to keep the fans happy for such a length. In Fairness, when i saw the number of tracks and their length, i did not think that it is possible to listen to it completely in one session, but it is.

Starting with an intro called March of Retribution, till the last track called Weakness Leaving my Heart, every track has it’s own charm to keep wanting more. From the Instrumental track The Ashes of My Enemys, or the Aggrotech starting of La Restistance. every track has something to add.

Grading such a long album is a bit of a task, but i am sure that there is something for every metalhead on this album, so i’ll give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Score: 8.5/10 ★★★★☆





  1. March Of Retribution
  2. Thoughts And Prayers
  3. Eradicate
  4. Protector
  5. Übermacht
  6. My Heart And The Ocean
  7. Expatriate
  8. What War Means
  9. Terminate The Unconcern
  10. The Ashes Of My Enemies
  11. Children Of A Lesser God
  12. La Résistance
  13. The Sorrow Of Victory
  14. Stateless
  15. Tirpitz
  16. Truther
  17. Critical Mass
  18. Eagles Among Vultures
  19. Weakness Leaving My Heart

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