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Grown Cold | Bridges Set Aflame (official video)

The metalcore formation ‘Grown Cold’ released two EP’s in respectively 2012 and 2013. Equally hard as melodic the band can be referenced with Obey the Brave, The Ghost Inside and Parkway Drive. Grown Cold played more than a 100 shows in three years’ time including three European tours and shared the stage with bands like Sick of it All, The Acacia Strain, Pro-Pain, No Turning Back, First Blood and Born From Pain. The song ‘Bridges Set Aflame’ is from their new album ‘Far Away From The Shore’. Most material was shot on the 2013 ‘At Water’s Edge’ & ‘Burning Bridges’ European tours.

More information: www.growncold.nl or check more video’s from ‘Grown Cold’ over here