October 1, 2023


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For I Am King – Daemons (album review) ★★★★★

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Dutch metal band For I Am King, but have never really had the chance to give the band a good listen. Until I got the hand at their new album ‘Daemons’ which was released on June 15th, 2016. What a blast! This is the reason I started listening to melodic death metal. Right in your face, aggressive, melodic, grooving death metal with some metalcore influences.

The melodic death metal of For I Am King reminds me of bands like Arch Enemy, At The Gates, In Flames and Callenish Circle. Of course with a female grunter, the link to Arch Enemy is easily made. The vocals of Alma are powerful and she screams and growls her ass off. The guitars bring us a feast of recognition with their Gothenburg style riffing. Beautiful melodies and harmonies are played by the guitar players Wouter and Jurgen while they are being backed up by a powerful rhythm section of Jaap on drums and Jasper on bass.

Songs like ‘Black Death’, ‘Breathe The Fire’, ‘The Crone’ and ‘Hades’ are filled with the twin guitar riffs we all know and love. Other songs like ‘Lost In Divinity’, ‘Tantulus’ and ‘Faust’ show more groovy riffing, but are still complemented by great melodic rhythms.

While maybe not playing the most original style, this band knows how to write their songs. The musicianship of every individual on this albums is very high and they complement each other perfectly. The melodies have been thought out very well and there is not a single weak song on this album.

With this album For I Am King has raised the bar high for themselves and the Dutch scene, because it has become a killer album and it should be only a question of time before the band is playing at more stages all over Europe.

Score: 9.4/10 ★★★★★

01. Black Death
02. Breathe The Fire
03. Lost In Divinity
04. The Crone
05. Tantalus
06. Interlude
07. Hades
08. Des-Troy
09. Faust
10. We Must Obey

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