Faster And Louder 2018 (festival pics)

Faster And Louder 2018 (festival pics)

March 17, 2018 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven – The brand new festival Faster And Louder kicked ass with a blend of hardcore, punk, rock ‘n roll, pumping guitars and motorcycles. The festival is organized by the same guys who organized Speedfest in the past. With this new festival they fill the empty space that was left in 2016. They worked together with Erik Hoezen of Code Rood Events and created an awesome line-up with bands like High On Fire (USA), The Exploited (UK), Entombed A.D. (SWE), Slapshot (USA), The Goddamn Gallows (USA), Mad Sin (USA), The Nomads (SWE), The Monsters (USA), Guitar Wolf (JAP) Coffin Nails (USA) and many more.

Cannabis Corpse (USA)

Coffin Nails (USA)

Dikke Dennis (NL)

Easy Action (USA)

Entombed A.D. (USA)

The Goddamn Gallows (USA)

Guitar Wolf (JAP)

Mad Sin (GER)

Night Viper (SWE)

De Rooie Jager (NL)

Slapshot (USA)

Speedözer (BE)

The Exploited (UK)

The Monsters (SWI)

The Nomads (SWE)

Violation Of Trust (NL)

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