September 30, 2023


Living on the edge!

EVIL INVADERS release new album Shattering Reflection

EVIL INVADERS are back and deliver a remarkably melodic and extreme Heavy Metal masterpiece! 

Belgian Metal frontrunners EVIL INVADERS are ready to unleash their third album, Shattering Reflection, on April 1, 2022 via Napalm Records! It took the band almost five years to craft a new record and it has been undoubtably worth the wait. EVIL INVADERS have found the perfect balance  between fast, mid and slow tempo songs focusing on strong choruses, touching lyrics and even some  progressive touches that will grab every Heavy Metal fan by the throat and screaming for more! EVIL  INVADERS‘s Shattering Reflection is promising to be a game-changer for the Belgian 4-piece as the  band seems to have found their own formula to turn Heavy Metal into another extreme direction.  

Shattering Reflection takes off with a fast Heavy Metal banger “Hissing in Crescendo“, followed by the  epic anthem “Die For Me“, already destined to become an EVIL INVADERS‘s all-time classic. A calmer  side is explored on tracks like mid-tempo opus “Forgotten Memories“, creating a dense, heavy wall of  sound with piercing vocals and ditto lyrics underlined by guitar solo virtuosity. That thrilling epos  stands in line with “In Deepest Black“, which showcases even more how the band has managed to craft  a pure classic Heavy Metal anthem with melodic guitar lines and catchy choruses, creeping relentlessly  into the listener’s head. It also proves how Joe has matured as his vocals have entered a whole new  dimension, both in the high and the low ranges. On the contrary, “Sledgehammer Justice” is a furious  outburst of classic Thrash/Speed Metal in which the Belgian quartet goes full throttle with hammering  rhythms and guitar solo madness! Another album highlight is the dark opus “The Circle“, creating a  horrifying atmosphere with stomping drums and excellent guitar lines. Fans of King Diamond will  definitely dig this one! Throughout the album the band manages to keep the balance between fast Extreme Heavy Metal with sharp shredding and mosh-worthy tracks, as well as very melodic, more  intense and chorus-oriented midtempo anthems.  

Shattering Reflection has turned out to be a monster of an album that will prove that in a new generation of Metal bands, EVIL INVADERS have been able to develop and mature record after record, just like the great classics did in the good old days. You will want to hear this record and also find out  how EVIL INVADERS will deliver this masterpiece live on stage!