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Dutch Metal Quiz – Monster Truck

It’s that time of the year again! Get ready for the Dutch Metal Quiz 2017! What do international metal bands know about Dutch metal music? We try to find it out for you. After the successful editions in 2015 and 2016, it’s time for the third episode of the Dutch Metal Quiz. The first band to start with is the Canadian metal band Monster Truck. They performed as support-act of Deep Purple at Ziggo Dome on June 2nd. Anton talked with vocalist/bass player Jon Harvey and guitarist Jeremy Widerman. To get you in the mood, we start with a review of their solid show.

Monster Truck: rock ’n roll for real men!
The Ziggo Dome is almost sold out with 16.000 people, when the song ‘For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)’ from AC/DC starts to play. Lights go down and after the intro, Monster Truck kicks in with a delicious riff of the song ‘Old Train’. The sound is just great and very clean right from the start. The songs are heavy, contain muscles and the venue is certainly not to big for this quite young band. They seem to know what to do, having a good time on stage and have fun with each other and try to convince the audience. I like this power hardrock very much and the down to earth attitude of this band. The whole review of the evening with Deep Purple can be read over here.

Before I reach the dressing room of Monster Truck, I have to walk a long distance through the venue. Deep Purple is sound checking and the crew is unpacking all the gear. Impressive to see this large empty venue when you realize that there are 16.000 people rocking inside within a few hours. When I walk into the dressing room, Jon is ready to start, while Jeremy is tuning his guitar on the couch. The two nice and friendly guys seem to look a little bit tired of touring, but they stay friendly and are excited to test their knowledge about Dutch metal music. The rules are simple. When you know the answer without the options you receive 3 points, when you know the answer with the options you get 1 point. Are you ready? Go!

1. From which Dutch symphonic metal band is Sharon den Adel the lead singer?
A. Within Temptation
B. Delain
C. Epica

Monster Truck: Epica
PitKings: No. Within Temptation
Points: 0

2. Which metal record label was founded in The Netherlands in 1980?

Monster Truck: Roadrunner Records
PitKings: Yes!
Points: 3

3. What’s the name of this Dutch symphonic metal band?

A. Epica
B. Delain
C. Nemesea

Monster Truck: Epica
PitKings: Yes!
Points: 1

4. Which Dutch guitar player played for several years with Whitesnake in the 80’s?
A. Adrian Vandenberg
B. Jan Akkerman
C. Robby Valentine

Monster Truck: Jan Akkerman
PitKings: No. Adrian Vandenberg
Points: 0

5. Which death metal band from The Netherlands was founded by Jan Chris de Koeyer in 1989?
A. Pestilence
B. Legion Of The Damned
C. Gorefest

Monster Truck: Pestilence
PitKings: No. Gorefest
Points: 0

6. Which Dutch metal festival was in 1995 (with Machine Head, Biohazard, Typo Negative) the largest metal festival in the world?
A. Waldrock
B. Dynamo Open Air
C. Fortarock

Monster Truck: Dynamo Open Air
PitKings: Yes!
Points: 1

7. Who was the female lead singer of the Dutch gothic metal band The Gathering?
A. Anneke van Giersbergen
B. Floor Jansen
C. Simone Simons

Monster Truck: Anneke van Giersbergen
PitKings: Yes!
Points: 1

8. Who’s this Dutch composer/song writer/guitarist?

A. Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation)
B. Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon/Vengeance)
C. Mark Jansen (Epica/After Forever)

Monster Truck: Ruud Jolie
PitKings: No. Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon/Vengeance)
Points: 0

9. What kind of metal do the Dutch bands Sinister, Asphyx and God Dethroned play?

Monster Truck: Death metal
PitKings: Yes!
Points: 3

10. Which Dutch hardrock guitar player moved to the USA when he was a kid and is ranked #8 as greatest guitar player according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Monster Truck: Eddie van Halen
PitKings: Yes!
Points: 3

Total score Monster Truck: 12

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