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Dutch Heavy Music Quiz 2016 – Crobot

The second last band playing the Dutch Heavy Music Quiz 2016 are the American hard rockers from Crobot. They have the tough job to beat the score of Soilwork (23), Moonspell (12), Municipal Waste (9) and all the others!. At Graspop Anton talked with Brandon Yeagley, Chris Bishop, Jake Figueroa and Paul Figueroa and asked them the 10 usual questions about Dutch heavy music.


1. Which Dutch magazine for metal music was founded in 1980 by Metal Mike and Stefan Rooyackers?
Crobot: Pfff… We need the options.
Anton: Metal Hammer, Aardschok or RockHard.
Crobot: Aardschok!
Anton: Yes! First point for you.
Crobot: We are no virgins anymore! Can I call my mom? Haha…

2. Which Dutch symphonic metal band is founded by Mark Jansen and got their name from Kamelot’s sixth album, released in 2003?
Crobot: The three options please.
Anton: Epica, Autumn or Nemesea.
Crobot: We go with Nemesea.
Anton: No! It is Epica.
Crobot: But he said that!
Anton: You think he said that? Haha…
Crobot: Tell him Chris… Damn. Haha…
Anton: No points for you unfortunately. Let’s go for number 3.

3. In 1990 Iron Maiden covered the song ‘Kill Me Ce Soir’. From which famous Dutch rock band is this song originally.
Crobot: Well, we need the three options.
Anton: I have Focus, Golden Earring or Brianbox.
Crobot: I don’t know, but I would probably go with Focus as a guess… No, I think it’s Golden Earring.
Anton: Yes, it’s Golden Earring! Maybe you know their song ‘Radar Love’?
Crobot: Yes, of course. That song reminds me of a speeding ticket. I’m not even lying! The song was playing on the radio and I got pulled over. And I was like dude, I’m playing this song. I turned the volume up and he said: “just go home”. Haha…
Anton: Haha… No speeding ticket for you. Awesome story! 1 point for you.

4. What have the Dutch death metal bands Asphyx, Pestilence and Hail of Bullets in common?
Crobot: They are all really hard to pronounce?
Anton: Haha… No that is not what I’m looking for.
Crobot: Same genre?
Anton: No man. Let me give you the options. Same drummer, same vocalist or the same guitar player.
Crobot: Well, let’s go for the drummer.
Anton: No. It was the same vocalist. Martin van Drunen.
Crobot: Haha… Another wild guess….
Anton: Yeah, you have to guess in this quiz… Next question.

5. In 2014 musician and composer Arjen Lucassen worked together with the female singer Anneke van Giersbergen on a musical metal project. What was the name of this Dutch project?
Crobot: Was it Thriller? Haha… We have really no idea. Give us the options.
Anton: The Gentle Storm, Star One or Stream Of Passion.
Crobot: Stream of Passion sounds hot. Let’s go for that one!
Anton: No, it’s The Gentle Storm. Stream Of Passion was actually another project of Arjen Lucassen.
Crobot: Damn….
Anton: You have 2 points out of 15 points… Come on guys!

6. Which Dutch DJ, composer and musician worked together with Sepultura, Fear Factory and Dog Eat Dog?
Crobot: Oooww, I’m not gonna remember that one.
Anton: Let me help you a little bit. He also had a world wide hit somewhere in 2000 with the Elvis remix ‘A Little Less Conversation’.
Crobot: That’s uh…. Fatboy Slim right?
Anton: No, he’s not Dutch.
Crobot: Damn, I thought you got ‘m bro! Well, give us the options.
Anton: Hardwell, Rude Boy or Junkie XL.
Crobot: Junkie XL. Of course!
Anton: Yeah! That’s the one! A musical genius! 3 points for you.

7. A very popular metal band from The Netherlands is Carach Angren. What type of metal do they play?
Crobot: The good kind. Haha… What kind of metal do we all have. Black metal. Death Metal. Thrash metal. Listen, we are the least metal band here at Graspop. Haha…
Anton: Alright, let me help you a little bit. You already said the good answer in the beginning.
Crobot: Black metal?
Anton: 3 points for you!
Crobot: Whooo! Nice! We play brown metal. Haha…
Anton: I love it. Haha…
Crobot: That’s why we play at Graspop. It’s stinky. Haha…
Anton: Haha… Oh my god! Let’s continue. Haha… 6 points for you.

8. Which Dutch punk band played over 1500 shows and still holds the record of best sold Dutch punk album?
Crobot: What are the options?
Anton: I have De Heideroosjes, The Ex or The Apers.
Crobot: The Apers?
Anton: No, I was looking for Heideroosjes.
Crobot: Never heard of them. I know Millencollin.
Anton: They are not Dutch. They are Swedish.
Crobot: So, no extra points because I know that one?
Anton: No.
Crobot: Damn, at least I’m trying… Haha…
Anton: Haha… No problem. We have two questions left.

9. Floor Jansen is since 2012 the lead singer of Nightwish. In which Dutch symphonic metal band was she singing between 1997 and 2009?
Crobot: Give us the options please.
Anton: Within Temptation, Delain or After Forever.
Crobot: Within Temptation.
Anton: No, it was After Forever. Last one guys!

10. Which Dutch hardrock band scored a worldwide hit in 1982 with the song ‘Burning Heart’?
Crobot: Is it something like theburg, vanderberg, Vandenberg…
Anton: Yes, it’s Vandenberg!
Crobot: That’s what he said! Yeah! Haha… So now we have three points?
Anton: Of course! In total you scored 9 points. No the best one… Same amount of points as Trivium.
Crobot: But we are high. Hahaha….
Anton: Thanks for your time! What are you plans for today?
Crobot: Anthrax is playing right now. So let’s check them out.
Anton: Sounds like a plan! Cheers!

Crobot: 9 points. Check all the other bands that played the Dutch Heavy Music Quiz 2016.