Combined Fragments | Traces (EP review) ★★★★☆

Combined Fragments | Traces (EP review) ★★★★☆


The metalcore band Combined Fragments (Brabant, NL) had a period of difficulties and misfortune, but now they’re back with their new EP ‘Traces’. The album isn’t for sale in stores, but you can download it or listen to it online. With their music they want to leave a powerful impression on the audience. But did it work out with this album? Tessa listened to the album and found out.

Traces leaves a powerful impression
Traces starts with The Post-Teenage Stress Syndrome. A catchy guitar riff and a typical metal riff alternate each other throughout the song, which makes it a song all type of metal lovers can appreciate. The hoarse voice is very pleasant and fits the song perfectly.

The second song, Deadlock, starts a lot more powerful than the first one. This makes the overflow between the two songs very easy, like they really belong together. With this song they leave their ‘powerful impression’ by changing the vocals in couplets and verses. The audience can be very pleased with Deadlock.
Intentions is the fourth song of the EP. This song is a collaboration with Louis of Prospect and is also released earlier as their new single. This is the most balanced song on the entire album. The up-tempo parts with vocals are interchanged with calm riffs. This is a song you could listen to the whole day.

The last song is the title song of the EP: Traces. This songs starts with just like the first song: a calm melody prepares you for the further song. When the vocals start you can hear the enthusiasm of the band, which makes it a very strong song. Even though this isn’t the hardest song on the EP. They definitely did a good job on this one.

Combined Fragments is back and let the world know with Traces. They sure leave the powerful impression with this EP. The hoarse song returns in every song and they know how to find a balance between up-tempo and calmness.

Score: 8.4/10 ★★★★☆

1. The Post-Teenage Stress Syndrome
2. Deadlock
3. All Hands On Deck
4. Intentions
5. Torriglia Lights
6. Traces

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