Call It Off | Lovers & Liars (album review) ★★★★☆

Call It Off | Lovers & Liars (album review) ★★★★☆


The debut album ‘Lovers & Liars’ from the Dutch punkband Call It Off is officially released since the 2nd of February! The two previous EP’s, ‘Lovers’ and ‘Liars’, are mixed together and completed with a few extra songs. Tessa listened to the album and wrote a review about it.

A punk sound and catchy songs
The album starts with the catchy song Do It All Again. This song introduces us to the true sound of Call It Off: a punk sound with lyrics that stick in your head. With the 2nd song, Dyenne, it becomes very clear that the whole cd is that catchy. With a lot of alternation in tempo it makes the song easy to listen to. The 4th song, Better Off Dead, is an up-tempo song. It’s the same punky sound as the other songs but the easy lyrics makes it a good karaoke-song. It’s a fun song to listen to because of the nice guitar riffs. Burning Bridges is the 7nd song of the album. This song starts with a riddle, ‘Bapapada’, that’s hard not to sing along with. ‘Bapapada’ repeats a few times in the song, especially after the chorus. You automatically starts dancing on it when the song turns on. The 10th song, I Don’t Wanna, has no verses. The only part that you can see as a verse, is the part straight after the chorus. The chorus repeats throughout the whole song. The last song is Forward Or Crazy (video below or the review over here). This song is a summary of the whole album. Up-tempo and slower parts alternate each other and the true punk sound shines in the song.

Call It Off makes a good debut album and let the world know what their sound is. Give it a try and you definitely gonna like it.

1. Do It All Again
2. Dyenne
3. The American Lie
4. Better Off Dead
5. What She Said
6. Forget You
7. Famous Last Words
8. Burning Bridges
9. Stuck With You
10. I Don’t Wanna
11. Call Me
12. Forward Or Crazy

Score: 8.2/10 ★★★★☆

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