08 February 2023

Battle 4 BOA | Baroeg, Rotterdam (concert review)


June 7, 2015 | Baroeg, Rotterdam – It is a nice sunny Sunday afternoon as we are heading towards Baroeg to witness the Battle 4 BOA 2015. 6 bands will battle each other to obtain a spot on the festival Baroeg Open Air 2015. One look at the lineup tells me that the majority of the day will be death metal, just as I like it.

The Invict
The day starts with The Invict from Den Bosch. The sound is well adjusted and every element of the music is audible. Unfortunately The Baroeg is not really filled up yet, but that doesn’t stop the band from giving it all. The band plays death metal and makes use of tastefull guitar work, nice clean passages en a heavy grunt. They look like they are having fun on stage. A good start of the day.

Next up is Facelifter from Eindhoven. They play extreme metal and are all students of The Metal Factory. According tot heir facebook page their goal is to take Extreme metal to a higher level. And wow, what a performance!! From the beginning of the show right until the last note a great energetic display of some fine musicianship. From the paint on their face(no not blackmetal style) to the brutal metal they played, the interaction with the crowd, everything was perfect. I am really impressed with this band and hope that I had enough time to stand still and shoot some photographs instead of banging my head to the music.

Eternal Mortification
The third band is Eternal Mortification. Some real young guys enter the stage and they start playing some greatsounding old school death metal. They bang their way through their set and despite their age they really know how to handle their instruments and give the spectators a show. I really enjoyed their performance. Nice to see that the younger generation still appreciates old school death metal.

Shade Of Hatred
Then it is time for Shade Of Hatred. I was really curious to see these guys play because I have been reading a lot of positive reviews on their latest E.P. called ‘Invidious Revelations’. They play melodic death metal with both screams and grunts. They play a great show. The vocalist knows how to play the audience and there is some great interaction between the 2 guitarists. The bassplayer also does backing vocals, he takes care of the screams while the vocalist more concentrates on the grunts, it is a great combination. Real energetic, looked like they were having fun on stage and a great show.

The fifth band is Variscythe. I have seen them last time on Metalcon a few weeks ago and Variscythe alwas performs a great show. Every single time I have seen them they play a tight show and today is no different. A great mix of thrash and death metal, complex drumming, great guitar performance by the 2 guitarists. The vocalist has a real good voice and the band lives up to my expectations again.

Rise Upon Fortunes
The last band of the evening is Rise Upon Fortunes from Rotterdam, the only metalcore band of the evening. The band consist of a few members who have made their impression in other hardcore/metalcore bands like As Prayers Fail, The Vile Creation and To Heaven Earth Is Hell. Although I prefer Death Metal to Metalcore, these guys played a tight show. Breakdowns, tight chops, all that you want in a metalcore band. It was also the first time I saw someone playing a fanned fret bass guitar so that was really cool.

The winner was announced by the judges and there was only one right choice. The band that will be playing Baroeg Open Air 2015 is Facelifter. Congrats and I’ll see you at Baroeg Open Air!

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