18 Miles – Vulture (official video)

18 Miles – Vulture (official video)

The Dutch hardcore band 18 Miles released this official video for the song ‘Vulture’ a few weeks ago. Just a short in your face song and video, taken from their EP ‘The Grey’ (March, 2017). Just sing a long with the boys!

Vulture, drawing circles above my head,
Waiting for me to weaken to peck the flesh off my bones
Vulture, I feel the wind from it’s wings,
I try to keep up straight, but my head starts to swing
Vulture, I’m bluffing I’m not losing strength,
but my trembling knees refuse to play the game
Vulture, take me under your wing,
Peck the flesh off my bones, give me your feathers for my skin

Vulture, have your ways with me,
Trade your feathers for my skin

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